The Timeless One
The students of Almek succeeded in saving their friend and master by returning him to Fortress, home of the Timeless One. Now their true test begins, learning to embrace the power and knowledge of the Guardians of Time to join their ranks. But the sacred haven is not the peaceful sanctuary it had once been. The ripples of the Great War that shattered the world’s balance and sundered the lands scarred this territory as well. Without those of the fourth nation swearing loyalty to the temporal goddess, shadows have tainted the imbalanced ranks of the Guardians. However, a dire discovery threatens. The tightknit group of friends discovers a curse born during the war between the warriors and mages that, if not stopped, threatens to destroy not only them, but all hope for bringing healing to the Timeless One’s wounds.
The Timeless One - Lexy Wolfe
Lexy Wolfe
The Sundered Lands Saga,
Book 3
Trade Softcover   
ISBN-13: 978-1492771654
ISBN-10: 1492771651
Page Count: 462
$  5.99
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Lexy Wolfe
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