The Knowing One
After two thousand years, the Desanti god known as the Raging One was freed from his imprisonment, releasing the Sundered Lands from the chains slowly tearing apart the fabric of reality. Except freedom came with a heavy price. Almek must reverse the accelerated degradation of time on his body before it’s too late. Only by returning to the Fortress of the goddess of time will he be able to stop the damage. Although powerful, Almek’s students cannot alter the natural course of the seasons, and the onset of winter makes travel impossible. The victory they gained will be lost unless two long-time enemies bridge the chasm between their cultures in time to save their friend and master.
The Knowing One - Lexy Wolfe
Lexy Wolfe
The Sundered Lands Saga,
Book 2
Trade Softcover   
ISBN-13: 978-1492366386
ISBN-10: 1492366382
Page Count: 354
$  3.99
The Raging One - Lexy Wolfe
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This book is no less greater than the first. This is storytelling at it's finest and most epic. I couldn't wait to find out what had happened after the end of the last book and dived into it with relish. I was not disappointed.
— Book Junkies
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Lexy Wolfe
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The Unforeseen One - Lexy Wolfe
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