The Consortium Chain
There are tales of wild adventure, spectacular stories of faraway worlds, and fantastical reads which bring new horizons to your imagination. The Consortium Chain will bring you all of that and more. Your journey will span the reaches of the world of Xarh, a tiny planet within a system beyond our known Universe.

Blending the genres of science fiction and fantasy, the Consortium Chain will take your mind back in time while stretching expectations of what could exist within early human technology. Meet characters attempting to control a world built around materials that are inherently uncontrollable. Wander the swamps of Banthyk with Harfayan and Farahnna Sha. Explore the frozen steppes of Soderland Minor with a young tribesman and his giant, wooly muusalkan companion. Experience a nautical world of controlling factions bent on domination. And be brought into a world of wonder and eternal curiosity, with its inhabitants still discovering just how mystical their science really is.

This window into the world of Xarh consists of three books in one. While there are distinct storylines in each volume, there is an overarching theme hanging over the world, twisting the balance of power with regularity. The one constant is conflict, which makes the line between friend and foe as blurry as a Banthyk coastline in winter.

Experience the epic adventure and high stakes of a new frontier. Discover the secrets of a world built around humans evolving at a different pace. With every page turned, a new wrinkle unfolds.
Welcome to the world of Xarh.
The Consortium Chain - Harrington Martin
Harrington Martin
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Harrington Martin
Hardcover, eBook
Hardcover, eBook
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Harrington Martin
The Consortium Chain
ISBN Numbers:
ISBN-13: 978-1-946006-40-0
ISBN-10: 1-9460-0640-8
LCCN: 2016962381

Page Count: 608
Release Date: 2/11/2017
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