Breath Of Air
Capri Summers earned her last name in honor of the season she was found, abandoned in a dark alleyway in Richmond, Virginia. The orphanage remained her home until her eighteenth birthday, when she had no choice but to leave with nothing but a duffle bag and the clothes on her back. That, and her secret gift.

Her ability to call upon the wind, to form clouds out of thin air, and to coax birds into dancing on her open palm. It made her different, when all she wanted was to be normal.

Little did she know, her gift made her extraordinary.

When a chance encounter with a person from her past occurs, Capri is whisked off to a land she thought only existed in her dreams. A land filled with beautiful beings of mythological origin, who welcome her as one of their own.

Her newfound life unexpectedly turns from perfect to dangerous. Deception lurks around every corner and a ruthless killer will do anything to keep her from learning the truth about her disappearance.

Now she’ll have to find courage in despair, or risk losing everything.
Breath of Air - Katie Jennings
Katie Jennings
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Meet the Author
Katie Jennings
Katie Jennings
The Dryad Quartet, 
Book 1
Trade Softcover 

ISBN-13: 978-0615709680
ISBN-10: 0615709680
Page Count: 288
$  0.99

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