A Life Earthbound
All her life, Rhiannon bent to the will of her family. Under the strict, often unloving guidance of her parents, she grew into a young woman with eyes like ice and an unwillingness to feel. A protected heart is a safe one, and love is something much too destructive to enjoy.

With Dante a real and imminent threat, all of Euphora is on edge. Rhiannon finds herself caught between her unfaithful mother and miserable father, and as a result she gives in to the one thing she’s always refused to feel. Love.

She soon realizes that opening her heart to Liam won’t be enough to save her. Murder knocks on the doors of Euphora, and life as Rhiannon knows it is about to change forever.
A Life Earthbound - Katie Jennings
Katie Jennings
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Katie Jennings
Katie Jennings
The Dryad Quartet, 
Book 3
Trade Softcover 

ISBN-13: 978-0615720401
ISBN-10: 0615720404
Page Count: 292
$  2.99

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